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What is bouldering? do i need experience to try it?

Bouldering is unroped climbing on shorter walls ranging from 14 to 17 feet high. All of our locations have expansive bouldering areas. While you don’t need any previous climbing experience to boulder, it definitely helps. Consider our Intro to Bouldering class.


I'm new to climbing. can i just drop-in and start climbing?

Sure! You’ll just need to fill out the waiver and watch the bouldering orientation video. Climbers often begin with bouldering as it does not require certification or rope management experience. New climbers can also top rope as long as their belayer has passed our Belay Check.

After taking Introduction to Rope Climbing, you’ll build the necessary skills to pass our Belay Safety Check and start climbing whenever you want!


Do I need to be a member and how much does it cost?

No, everyone is welcome! There are a variety of entrance fee options depending on your needs. We offer memberships, day passes and monthly memberships. Learn more about entrance and gear rental fees at our website.


What is included with a day pass?

A day pass includes full access to our world-class climbing routes, climbing-specific training areas and community events.

If you decide you’d like to become a member by the end of the day, we’ll even apply your day pass to your total membership cost!


Do you offer rental gear?

Definitely. We’ve got you covered. Locations are fully stocked with rental shoes, harnesses, chalk bags, and belay devices.  Please ask our staffs to see what rental gear is offered.


“I’ve already been to Rise Up before - do I need to fill out another waiver?”

No, you only have to fill out a waiver for yourself or your child (under 18) if you haven’t checked into our facility. 

HOWEVER - It never hurts to be safe and just fill out the waiver if you are unsure or cannot remember if you have climbed here before. If you want to be sure (especially if you are dropping off a minor for a group or to climb on their own)

“What is the youngest and oldest age to climb?”

So technically there is no minimum age or maximum age for bouldering (climbing without ropes). HOWEVER to get on our roped climbing wall - the climber has to be minimum 4 years old AND at least 30lbs. Max weight is 330lbs.

For oldest age - consult your doctor if you are unsure or concerned about how rock climbing may effect your health and well being before engaging in such a strenuous activity. Staff cannot make this call for you.


Do I need a reservation?

Rock climbing does not have a reservation system. Come anytime that is convenient for you. If you wish to take a class, please reserve your spot ahead of time either online. Our hours are at the bottom of this page. 


Is there a time limit?

No. Our day passes include all day access. You can even leave and come back again later that same day if you would like. 


Do you offer lessons?

Yes! For all ages! Click here. 


I have more questions- who can I contact?

Call us at 2117 3802 and we’ll be happy to help! You can also follow us on Instagram or by searching Triangleplushk on Facebook.


Do you have a locker room? 

We do have a locker room with available lockers for customers to use.


(852) 6821 2883

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星期一至五 (Mon-Fri)

11:00am ~ 8: 00pm

週六、週日及公眾假期(Sat/Sun/Public Holiday)

10:00am ~ 9: 00pm

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私家車: 荃灣Plaza 88商場地庫設有2層停車場,提供時租及日泊服務

港鐵: 由荃灣西站 (步行約8分鐘);荃灣站 (步行約12分鐘)

巴士: 楊屋道街市站33A/ 41M/ 42M/ 49X/ 73P/ R42

小巴: 爵悅庭站401/ 402S;眾安街站 87K/ 99

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